Our Values

As an organization committed to eliminating neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), NALA stands by a set of core values that guide our work and shape our interactions with communities, partners, and stakeholders. Delve into the core values that shape NALA’s approach and understand how they contribute to our work in diverse contexts and environments. 

Professionalism and Integrity:

At NALA we recognise the importance of continuous learning and improvement ensuring that all initiatives provide sustainable and appropriate solutions. Through streamlining processes, NALA strives to achieve optimal outcomes while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. Moreover, transparency in our activities including the sharing of insights into operations, progress, and impact with stakeholders ensures accountability of our work, making it a guiding principle of the organization. 

Partnership and Humility: 

Tackling the complex issue of NTDs requires collaboration and collective action. Therefore, NALA considers it of utmost importance to work in partnership with local, national, and international actors with the aim of creating meaningful change. Our community engagement model is rooted in inclusivity and cultural sensitivity, recognizing that communities possess invaluable knowledge and firsthand experiences vital for developing impactful solutions to challenges they face. Through this collaborative approach, NALA fosters local ownership, encouraging the sustainability of interventions, and amplifying their impact. 


Innovation is at the heart of NALA’s approach to eradicating NTDs. Through collaborating with both community partners and technical experts, NALA continuously works to unlock new ideas and develop effective strategies to combat NTDs. We remain committed as an organization to pushing boundaries; seeking out novel approaches and leveraging research to multiply the impact of our activities. 

At NALA, we are driven by a deep-rooted commitment to uphold our values as we strive to create sustainable solutions for the elimination of these diseases. Through collaboration and the collective effort of communities, governments, and local and international NGOs, we are confident of a future free from the burden of NTDs.

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