Our Tools

Our materials are open source and here for sharing. Through collaboration and sharing of best practices, we together can accelerate progress toward the global elimination of neglected tropical diseases.

Here you will find materials for national level interventions, including governments and NGOs, community members, health workers, and preschool and school-aged children. Key groups in the sustainable elimination of diseases of poverty.

National Tools

Government and NGOs

Collaboration between the WASH and health sectors can lead to more informed decision-making and more cost effective interventions to reduce disease and improve health.

District-Level (WASH-NTD) Toolkits

Community Intervention

Health Workers & Volunteers

community health workers and volunteers are the most trusted sources of health information, and many people turn to them to receive important health information and advice. They often have the deepest reach within the community through house-to-house visits.

Local Leaders & Key Influencers

Religious and community leaders have the platform to spread key health messages and increase their acceptability and practice. Our trainings promote a transformational leadership approach that inspires change in individuals and communities.

School Intervention

Early Childhood Education

Young children are especially vulnerable to hygiene-related infections. This period of life is thus crucial for adopting healthy behaviors, which can then significantly improve a person’s long-term health by preventing diseases such as trachoma.

Primary School Education

School-aged children are important messengers of change. Not only can they spread the health messages to their family and friends, they can lead on projects to improve WASH conditions in their schools.