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Designing Affordable Toilets this World Toilet Day

Across the world, cell phones are the new newspapers. The pocket-sized technological device acts as the dominant source of information for the average person. The device is so essential to functioning in society that cell phones are now, globally, more common than toilets. 3.6 billion people in the world do not have access to toilets […]

Identify, Treat, Prevent: Trachoma in Schools

Mr. Destaw, a school director at Ottuwa Mulu Primary School in Guraferda district, recently participated in NALA’s school-based training where he learnt how to prevent neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and improve health in his school. During his training he shared an incident that occurred at his school a year prior. A 14-year-old student of his, […]

Restoring Water in Schools this World Water Week

For eight years a broken handpump, responsible for providing safe water access to 1200 children, stood in an elementary school in Debre Tabor town. The handpump had stopped working a month after it was built. This is a story that is repeated throughout the world; major investments are made towards WASH infrastructure installed in schools, […]